PUBG MOBILE LITE v0.25.0 MOD APK + OBB (Mega Menu)

PUBG Mobile Lite Mod APK enhances the Battle Royale game by providing players with an enriched gaming experience. In the version, it introduces features, skins, and weapons that are not available. With improved graphics and innovative modifications, this mod APK adds a twist to the original PUBG Mobile Lite game, increasing excitement for players who want a gameplay experience.

Overview of PUBG Mobile Lite APK

PUBG Mobile Lite is designed to offer gamers a Battle Royale experience using lower-end devices. It optimizes performance while preserving the gameplay of the version. The Lite version ensures graphics and responsive controls, making it accessible to an audience.

PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK Unlimited Money

Unlimited money, unlocked all levels Level Infinite
Version v0.25.0
Size 1.2 GB
Genre Action
Required OSAndroid 5.0 and up
Mod InfoUnlimited money, unlocked al levels
Last Update02 days ago
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Improved Graphics;

PUBG Mobile Lite offers graphics that provide a gaming experience even on less powerful devices. Enjoy captivating gameplay without sacrificing performance.

Smaller Map;

The game includes a map designed for paced battles. Move around areas efficiently, resulting in encounters and thrilling action.

Buildings for Cover:

Make use of the buildings strategically to take cover during battles. Plan your movements wisely. Use the environment to outsmart your opponents.

pubg mobile lite mod apk download  latest version 0.25.0

Vehicle Variety:

PUBG Mobile Lite offers a range of vehicles to navigate the battlefield. Whether it’s two or four-wheelers, choose the car that suits your playstyle and the terrain you’re in.

Realistic Weapons:

Experience a variety of weapons, each with its unique characteristics. Players can select their preferred arsenal for a combat approach, from pistols to assault rifles.

Collaborative Gameplay:

Engage in gameplay with friends through team modes. Strategize with your squad to secure victory in the changing Battle Royale environment.

Quick Matches:

PUBG Mobile Lite focuses on shorter match durations for gaming on the go. Feel Battle Royale’s excitement without committing time to gaming sessions.

Regular Updates:

Enjoy a gaming experience with updates that bring new content, features, and optimizations. Stay engaged with challenges and rewarding experiences. You may also like to download the Project IGI Im Going Mod APK.

Ranking System:

Compete against players from around the world. Climb up the ranks using the game’s ranking system. Show off your skills. Earn recognition as you progress through tiers.

In Game Communication;

Efficiently communicate with your teammates using the game’s voice and text chat features. Coordinate strategies, exchange information, and foster teamwork to enhance your gaming experience and make it more immersive.

These comprehensive features collectively enhance the appeal of PUBG Mobile Lite, providing a captivating Battle Royale experience specifically designed for mobile gamers.

How do you Install PUBG Mobile Lite Mod APK For an Android?

  • Bеforе installing, еnsurе you havе uninstallеd any previous vеrsions or similar gamеs from your dеvicе.
  • Hеad to your dеvicе’s sеttings, locatе thе “Sеcurity” sеction and tap on it. Find and еnablе thе “Unknown Sourcеs” option within thе Sеcurity sеttings.
  • Oncе you’vе complеtеd thе previous stеps, install thе MOD APK filе.

How do you download PUBG Mobile Lite Mod APK On a PC?

  • Download and install BluеStacks, an Android еmulator that allows you to opеratе mobilе applications on your computеr sеamlеssly.
  • Visit our wеbsitе to obtain thе updated filе. This vеrsion incorporatеs thrilling еnhancеmеnts and nеw fеaturеs to improvе thе gaming еxpеriеncе.
  • Oncе thе download is complеtе, launch thе filе. Altеrnativеly, you can sеlеct thе “Import from Windows” option within BluеStacks to initiatе thе installation process.


In summary, this modded version elevates the gaming experience by introducing features that bring a twist to familiar PUBG Mobile Lite gameplay. Players can access skins, weapons, and more, enhancing their enjoyment while delivering optimized performance for lower-end devices.


Is PUBG Mobile Lite available for free?

Yes, you can. Play the game for free.

What are the system requirements for playing PUBG Mobile Lite?

The Lite version is specifically designed to be compatible with a range of smartphones that have specifications.

Can I play PUBG Mobile Lite offline?

It would be best to have an internet connection to play PUBG Mobile Lite because it’s an online multiplayer game.

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